Online Classrooms


Tutor Aim has invested in online classrooms which consists of:

  • Video Conferencing – so that both the tutor and student can see and hear each other

  • Document Sharing – so documents can be shared

  • Whiteboard – to enable both the tutor and the student to write text and use tools to highlight items.


Tutor Aim has tutored over 70 students already, on a predominantly one to one basis, in the online classrooms.


These are the items a student requires for online tutoring.

  • Laptop / desktop / ipad (Windows / mac operating system)

  • Webcam and audio

  • Headphones (except Apple earplugs)

  • Reasonable Broadband (for any technies amongst you – and don't worry if you are not – a minimum broadband 1 mbps download speed and 0.5 mbps upload speed).


We have used the online classroom successfully with over 70 students and over 95% of our demonstrations enable us to use the classroom, and Skype is our backup.


Take a look at our professional online classroom introductory video.