Student Portal


This is Tutor Aim's Students' portal providing:

  • innovative online content for “A” level Business Studies (and in the future Economics) and assessment

  • currently online "A" level business finance courses are available with a blend of text, imagery, audio, video, case studies and assessment, bringing the subject to life, used for all UK exam board specifications

  • access from multiple devices (under development – currently accessible from windows and mac laptops and desktops and iphones)

  • a blog which supports students.


This is complemented by:

  • an Introduction to the Online Courses by your tutor

  • high quality tutoring from our professional online classroom, including assessment by your tutor of your case study answers.


There are two online learning and tutoring packages available for each of the first three courses providing the following benefits:

  • innovative, engaging quality content which can be accessed 24/7 from multiple devices facilitating visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning

  • learning at your own pace

  • scheduled two hours tutoring support within the core solution

  • scheduled four hours tutoring support within the comprehensive solution.


Here is an Introduction to the Students' Portal.